The Others Art Fair 3|6 November

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The project presented at THE OTHERS 2022 aims to bring to the surface deeply held images, lost in the labyrinth of human existence. Everyone leaves a garden and spends their life wandering in search of a home to find themselves.

The gallery’s first appointment at THE OTHERS, presents itself with what most defines its vision finding a cue in G.A Moore’s phrase: “A man travels the whole world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”.(G.A. Moore)

We have chosen two very different artists with contrasting works, to facilitate and develop a conversation closely linked to savoring a life made up of entanglements, seemingly worlds apart but moving towards a very similar quest.

What brings these artists together is the expressive visceral timbre of the techniques used: photographic, painting and material-based, as well as the incisive force of their personal dialogue in dealing with themes of the human soul devoid of any philosophical thought.

No one wants to give a solution however a question emerges:

Do we leave home to find a garden or have we left the garden to find home?

Tania Marino is an artist who lives and works in the province of Venice. The works showcased in this project are taken from her first solo exhibition, CONFINI, presented in Open Art House in May 2022. Pastels on paper with glass and black frames, measuring 55×75cms. By using the ‘house’ in a series and the explosion of colors that come out of it, Tania highlights the possibility of going beyond one’s boundaries to get out of one’s comfort zone.

Louise Abbiati is an Italian/English visual artist based in Milan. The works that are part of this project are taken from her solo exhibition presented at OAH in March 2022, entitled YOU ARE MY GARDEN, Be Still Vol1. Six photographs printed fine art on baryta paper and aluminum support, 58 x 77.5cms (1 of 5 + 1 ap). Photographic shots that haven’t been post-produced but have captured natural light just the way it is. The artist, through these shots, wishes to unveil what tends to arise in silence and stillness.

You are My Garden is an inner journey, part contemplation, part suggestion, part liberation, in which the tension between what is lost and what is hoped for provokes an awakening and a change of perspective. Minimalist in tone, Louise uses the ‘garden’ as a metaphor for exploring yet to be discovered landscapes. These works allude to the transformative power of God’s Word as a source of life: from monochromatic wastelands they become regenerated spaces, pulsing with a new vitality.

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