ArtRise Prize

Contemporary art prize

ArtRise Prize

The prize was created for talent-scouting, to discover and promote unknown artists on the Italian contemporary art scene, of different nationalities but residing in Italy. The minimum required age is 18.

Open to all types of techniques, a mix of techniques or innovative ones. Painting, drawing, photography, illustration, engraving, graffiti, digital art, sculpture, video art, mix of techniques and new materials. The prize takes place every two year.

A theme-based prize, artists are required to make work on a given theme, always linked to a biblical principle, with a bible reference known as a Bible Code.

It is aimed at everyone wanting to explore meaningful and essential themes, for those wanting to be brave and work from the heart. For those building bridges and in constant dialogue with themselves.


Is the award open to everyone?

The prize was created for talent-scouting. The minimum required age is 18 residing in Italy.

What techniques are allowed?

Painting, drawing, photography, illustration, engraving, graffiti, digital art, sculpture, video art, mix of techniques and new materials.

What is the theme of the award?


BibleCode #1 Co 10:23-24

How do you apply?

From the site OpenArtHouse.
Pay the registration fee of 25 € (it will not be refundable)
Fill out the form and send all the required materials in a single never. Applications with materials sent in separate emails and incomplete documentation will not be accepted.

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

By 30 May 2021 no later than h. 23.58

What is the delivery deadline for the collective works?

By 07 November 2021 the works must be delivered to Open Art House Via San Gaudenzio 10 / b 10015 Ivrea (Turin)

When and how will the participants in the collective be communicated?

September  2021, by email and through the website and social media.

What data must be sent?
  • Scanning of a valid identity document
  • A black and white photo of the author in .jpg format
  • Complete photos (minimum 3,) in jpg format, maximum 300 DPI, maximum size A4 format.
  • Explanatory text of the work, technique used, measurements etc. , explanation of how it responds to the theme, information of how it could be developed for a personal project. Use up to 3000 characters.
  • Brief biographical note, maximum 2500 characters.
  • For candidates who work exclusively on video support, it is advisable to provide a link to a third-party site, such as Vimeo , Youtube or to your personal site, in order to view the video.
    Participation applications missing the required documentation will not be eligible for selection.
What are the costs to be paid by the artist?

All those relating to the shipment of the works that will participate in the collective, travel and accommodation expenses in Ivrea.

How is the choice of the Jury made?

Candidates must meet certain requirements such as: contemporary style, consistency of the work with the theme, originality of the work, technical mastery, freshness, novelty, artistic references, poetry emanating from the work.

Do the works remain the property of the author?

If there are no different agreements, each work remains the property of the author and must be resumed at the end of the collective which will last 2 months from the date of inauguration.

For more information download the rules and the announcement of the competition.

Our award partners


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Shazar Gallery since 2001 on the national territory follows and produces contemporary artistic projects with great sensitivity and professionalism.

WEB&COM is specialized in developing communication strategies and campaigns for the non-profit sector. Many third sector associations and religious bodies rely on them to disseminate projects, events and causes. It also received the “Welcome” recognition from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

WEB&COM has chosen to support OAH because…

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Do you want to participate at ArtRise?

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