Open Art House

open house gallery and artistic residency

OAH is a cultural association operating as an open house gallery and art residency, founded by Monica Cremaschi in Milan and currently based in Ivrea.
This gallery space and house are the result of an ad hoc renovation project of a former carpentry shop dating back to the early 1900s. It hosts and organises exhibitions and cultural events.

The aim is to search, support and develop new Italian artists, helping them develop their own personal projects towards showcasing and distributing their works of art.

We love research and being at the forefront just like sentinels of times to come. Italian conceptual contemporary art, powerful messages conveyed with personal techniques and different genres aimed at touching people’s hearts.

Works of art. free from any constraints, able to show the invisible with courage. Works to look at with eyes shut enabling the viewer to really see and demolish the fortresses of stereotypical and preset images.

Artistic projects tracing new scenarios rooted in Christian values to birth a real renaissance in our beautiful country.

Visual art is the language of the heart, silent and disruptive..

We have chosen the home as a symbol representing the most intimate and welcoming place where dreams are born and where important and authentic relationships are developed. A safe space where loving people is more valuable than the works of art. Nurturing artists is like preserving a piece of our cultural heritage as they are cultural and social innovators. Home like a training ground for artists as they begin experimenting and showcasing their work.

A man travels the whole world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. (G.A. Moore)

OAH, as an open house gallery and artistic residency, intends to trace and walk the road towards a new patronage to awaken our nation by bringing it back to a contemporary renaissance, purged of any trace of humanism.

What people say about us

  • The creation of art is like giving birth. Thoughts and gestures merge and the surrounding energy contributes to influencing its evolution. Warmth and professionalism at the Open Art House have contributed to the development of ideas and their realisation transforming the experience into a unique event.

    Giacomo Montanaro
  • Exhibiting at the OAH is a special experience. The curator’s hospitality was mindful and welcoming both for the artist and people attending the vernissage. The beautiful space and friendly atmosphere made it easy to share ideas and emotions. I am very grateful.

    Eugenio Guarini
  • When you are in a home environment you feel looked after and you have more confidence in discovering this: the more you are aware of needing people and abandoning your ego, the more art can fly.

    Cinzia Marmifero
  • This open house gallery is experienced in hosting and giving value to art. My work was supported and guided with care, fully respecting me as a person as well as my artistic expression. A beautiful experience, with a deep sense of sharing and open dialogue. The Open Art House is a space to discover, to visit, where youGiu can open your heart because this is how an art gallery should work and feel like.

    Giulia Balducci
  • The experience at OAH is something unique: it has the heart of an ancient patronage, a love for human expression that tends towards the Spirit all the while recognising and enhancing the talent of emerging artists.

    Valeria Fondi

Open Art House Artists

Our Artists

OAH artists are outsider artists (O. S. A) (OutSider Artist)
They are courageous and fearless as they daringly trace a new path with perseverance and tenacity. Avantgarde sentinels of our time. The SVA group (Sabaoth Visual Art)
[Sabaoth Visual Art]

“Our vision is to give life to an artistic movement able to convey a spiritual language into a contemporary one.”

Rappresentati: Giulia Balducci, Vittorio Buratti, Eugenio Guarini, Luca Zurzolo.

In collaboration with the Neapolitan gallery Shazar Gallery
Giovanni Battimiello,Piero Chiariello, Mimmo di Dio,Nicola Nastro, Giacomo Montanaro, Stefania Ricci.

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