For us, the visual language is a vehicle for sharing a faith experience, which aims to expose the theme of life and death, reveal the treasures hidden in the Scriptures and shake consciences from the torpor of religiosity and relativism. The artist assumes the function of a contemporary prophet, whose art is an instrument to prepare the people for the knowledge of faith in Christ.

There is a strong urgency within SVA (Sabaoth Visual Art) to bring back to Italy and the nations the truth
of what God’s Word says about it, by eradicating ignorance and superficiality , through the use of the same language that has led people in the past, away from the gospel, which was visual art.

There are two basic aspects through which we move to achieve our purpose:

1. BIBLECODE. The content of each work and art project, promotes the dissemination of biblical principles in the Word of God that we live . Our works always start from a Bible verse, called by us BIBLE CODE, which is simply the biblical reference of the spiritual principle from which our daily experience is drawn and which we put into action.

2. INNOVATION and CONTEMPORARY language. We are constantly experimenting and researching tools and techniques , materials and languages, influencing each other, helping each other, learning and working together.

SABAOTH VISUAL ART is the birth of a new art movement, which aims to show what cannot be seen with the human eye.

Letter to the Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, demonstration of realities not seen” (quoting Bible)

“It’s very simple: you can only see it well with your heart.” What is essential is invisible to the eyes”. (quote ‎ Saint-Exupéry)

Showing what cannot be seen is the choice to bring art back to its primary purpose. The challenge for us is to be able to show the invisible that is the ‘essential for a full life to be lived now. We do this by trying to shed light on what inhabits and surrounds us and toward what we are facing and will face. Ours is art to look at with eyes closed.

The themes emerge with force and power, without filters or mannerisms but only through the surrender of those who have the vital need to cry out before they die and enter real life. We consider ourselves to be an artistic avant-garde, which, like the previous ones, has formed and is proceeding in a specific historical period, where humanity is experiencing a radical change and is perhaps moving toward a new obscurantism, dressed up as respectability.

The focus, methodology and moving within the market makes this group a vanguard.


Open Art House began dreaming years ago of such an art movement, today it catches a glimpse of it and therefore expects, with firm certainty, to see it take off as a new renaissance started in Italy. We give space to this vanguard in order to support it concretely, offering a space for experimentation, comfort, growth, funding, promotion up to commercial start-up to facilitate entry into other circuits. It does so far from so called institutional methods, but in accordance with the vision of the movement. [2015 – Monica Cremaschi]

I have the conviction that it is the only artistic avant-garde of our time. Thus, as was the case with the historical ones, in S.V.A. there is a strong research and a breaking action in the contemporary art system, consequently in social life. [ Monica Cremaschi gellerist – OAH]

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