Visual language is how we share an experience of faith, to fully explore themes of life and death, to reveal hidden treasures in the Scriptures and lastly to awaken minds from the numbness of religiosity and relativism.
The artist takes on the role of contemporary prophet where his/her art becomes a tool for people to gain an awareness of faith in Christ. For S.V.A (Sabaoth Visual Art) there is a strong sense of urgency to restore the truth of God’s Word and what it says about Him to the nations; the aim to eradicate deceptive doctrines by using the same language which in the past drove people away from the gospel, in other words, visual art.

There are two key aspects through which we move to achieve our purpose:

  1. BIBLECODE the content of each artwork and artistic project promotes the spreading of biblical principles in the Word of God. Our artworks always start from a bible verse added alongside the title: a BIBLE CODE is simply the bible reference of the spiritual principle which is behind the work.
  2. INNOVATION & CONTEMPORARY LANGUAGE Our artists constantly experiment and research tools and techniques, materials and languages, individually and in groups influencing, learning and working toghether .

SABAOTH VISUAL ART is the birth of a new artistic movement that aims to show what is not seen. I am certain that is the only avant-gard of our time. The purpose, the method and the placement the market, are the feature that make it a real innovation. As well as the historical avant-gardes, even our group was founded by a strong research and a separation from contemporary art and social conventions. It shows what you can not see; it’s the choice to bring art back to its original purpose. What’s artistic in repdoducing whta we can see?

The challenge, for these artists, is being able to show what open eyes will never see. Shed light on what surrounds us, what we live and where we are going to. For watching it with close eyes. It doesen’t seek sonsens but give answers. A primary art.

The themes emerg with great strength and powe, without any filters and mannerisms: no false trangression, onlu the vital need to access to true life before dying. Avant-garde art, like its predecessors, is born in a specific historical period, in which, our society begins to live a radical chamge.

Open Art House began to dream of this artistic movement years ago; now we’re beginning to see take shape and we firmly believe tha thise renaissace will take off from Italy. Our role is to give space and pratical support to thise avant-gard movement, offering a suitable enviroment to experiment, debate and develop. It also financially supports and promotes artwork to facilitate its entrance into other circuits. We operates in line with the vision of the movement, staying clear of so called institutionalised methods.


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