Louise Abbiati

Her passion for the arts was sparked at an early age becoming a means of expression and discovery particularly while moving to different countries. Surrounded by an artistic family, she grew up between the diverse cities of Paris, London and Milan, later developing photographic and installation projects with a social-cultural focus giving voice to what is hidden. In recent years her gaze has turned inwards, exploring the landscapes of the soul. Her art practice could be summed up as a quest for what lies beneath the surface, an invitation to dig deeper to get to the core. Her approach is that of a visual listener walking a spiritual path, giving voice to the invisible. It is precisely in this space that true transformation can occur. Art as a changemaker at the deepest level and with it, the possibility of a true awakening.

Louise is a British / Italian artist based in Milan.

She holds an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s, London,and following a trip to KwaZulu Natal, South Africa ten years later, she was inspired to develop visual storytelling by undertaking an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography,UALUniversity Arts of London).

She’s part of the SVA (Sabaoth Visual Arts) gorup ,is a founding member and shares the vision of using visual language as a vehicle for an experience of faith in Christ.


2020|2021 “IL LINGUAGGIO DEL CIELO” SVA collective group show as part of the Contemporary Art Day organized by AMACI, Instaexhibition, Open Art House instagram page @openarthouse (Dec 2020 I Jan 2021)

2015|2016 “IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD” Ivrea Open Art House S.V.A collective group show 2015 “IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD” Milano, Sabaoth Theatre space, “Il linguaggio del Cielo” S.V.A group manifesto show

2014 “AGAINST FALSIFICATION” Milano Fuori Salone , Sabaoth Theatre space, S.V.A collective group show

2013 FROM THEN TO NOW, LEARNING PHOTOGRAPHYPrint & Video Collective Micamera, Milano

2012 “INTO THE F(L)AVOUR” Milano Fuori Salone , Sabaoth Theatre space, S.V.A collective group show

2009 “VALLEY OF A THOUSAND HILLS” Printspace, London

2008 “THE FINAL SHOW” The Well Gallery, LCC London

2006 “SOMMERSAULT” Sotheby’s Olympia, London

2005 “HIDDEN TALENT” Let the Muse Breath, Sotheby’s, New Bond Street, London

2004 “ART WELL FREE RANGE” The Old Truman Brewery, London

2003 “ART WELL” The Prince’s Foundation, Shoreditch, London

2002 “VISIONAIRIES” Craft Central, Clerkenwell, London

2001 “THE BRITISH LANDSCAPE” Royal British Landscape Society, The Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London

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