Amina Barosi

Following a stay in the Arab States, she becomes acquainted with the expressive styles of the East, then moves to California, and completes her studies at the Liceo Artistico Hayech in Milan.

Enrolled at the Politecnico of Milan, in the Architecture Faculty, she simultaneously follows evening classes at the Accademia of Belle Arti of Brera. During the 90s she starts showcasing her first paintings.

An eclectic artist, she has gone through several artistic experiences: such as matter painting, sculpture, from conceptual to figurative as a subjective cosmogony.

From assemblage to design with various patent and trademark registrations, she becomes a performer. Her other activities include curating, artistic management and organisation of cultural initiatives and events as well as the development and implementation of seminars and workshops on pictorial expression.

She defines herself as being in constant development as she considers this to be the best attitude to rejuvenate the spirit and nourish life seeking not a final result but experiencing the action of the moment as a precious opportunity to raise one’s spirit. The hand produces a condition of the heart on the canvas, not by covering it with colour, but by trying to dig a way out of it, a window to Heaven, leaving traces of light for the beholder and looking for The Way that Jesus Christ spoke of while referring to himself as the Truth and the Fullness of Life.


2019 | “LINSIEME” Ivrea OAH open house gallery, solo exhibition.

2015|2016 “IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD” Ivrea OAH open house gallery collective show with S.V.A.

2015 “IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD” Milan, Sabaoth Theatre, “The Language of Heaven” SVA group manifesto show

2014 “AGAINST FALSIFICATION” Milan Fuori Salone, Sabaoth Theatre collective show with S.V.A.

2012 ” EXCEPT ONE”– Foglizzo (To) castello dei Biandrate – preview – collective show with S.V.A

2012 “INTO THE F(L)AVOUR” Milano Fuori Salone, Sabaoth Theatre collective show with S.V.A.

2011 “TAUMATART” Locarno, Casa Balli collective show

March 2010 Palermo, at the gallery Galleria ”Il Tempio”.

August 2009 Prague, Galelry Chodovska tvrz.

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