Cinzia Marmifero

What pushed me towards visual art was the inability to communicate the magnificence of being human in a direct and simple way with a different language.
The urge to realise what God shows me in a three-dimensional form and goes beyond what I can imagine and perceive is described in 1 John 1:4.

Driven to use not just my eyes but my spiritual ones too, as they light up where darkness lies by announcing a truth lived out as written in 1 John 1:5-7.
The works I have created and ones currently in progress start from a personally experienced and lived through biblical principle. The result, a change in my artistic and personal point of view, suggesting and activating a profound change.
The starting point of my first projects is based on different perspectives in how I approach to the Word. Matter, tactile, visual and sound artworks that need to be experienced and where the viewer is immersed and enveloped by them.

For about 20 years I was part of the theatre world transitioning from acting to being artistic director of a Cooperative, putting on workshops and performances as director, and combining theatre works with other artistic mediums such as figurative, sculpture and video.
Throughout the following 10 years, I took part in the making of the film “Il Cielo sotto la polvere” (The Sky under the dust) as assistant editor and thereafter made three videos/interviews as creator, director and operator. I have also collaborated in organising the Sabaoth International Film Festival since its first edition.
My passion for visual and video art was born out of these experiences and today represent a key priority.


2016 |2017 “Il cielo in terra” (The Sky on earth) solo exhibition Ivrea OAH open house gallery

2015|2016 “In the presence of God” Ivrea OAH open house gallery collective show with S.V.A

December 2015 “You need to be born again” Monza Sabaoth Theatre, collective show with S.V.A

April 2015 “In the presence of God” Milan, Sabaoth Theatre.
“The Language of Heaven” SVA group manifesto show

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