#Hastaglavista opening 14 June 6.30pm

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Photographic installation by Matteo Mo


Opening Friday 14 June at 6.30pm [showing 14.06 | 31.07]

[in mostra 14.06 |31.07]


#Hastagalavista is a photographic project. It starts with an installation to go along with the author and contemporary social community.

It is a social and visual experimentation, a life and travel diary, a ‘scrapbook’, a collection of snapshots, apparitions and visions set in a daily context. They are so real that we are led to look at things from another perspective.

#Hastaglavista everyone!

I have always madly loved painting. Not knowing how to practice it with paint and brushes, I have chosen photography.

When I observe a painting I like, I love looking at it for a very long time. Entering into it, capturing all of its details. I have always loved the strength of painters able to capture daily moments and transform them into something spectacular, highlighting the most intricate details. I want to dwell on those: details that perhaps we risk losing, colours we no longer know because life, today, forces us to be supersonically fast. We need to stop and look.

Listen with our eyes and understand who we really are” Matteo Mo.



Visits by appointment only 3385093563 info@openarthouse.it
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