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Opening 10th December at 6pm

[10th December | 21st January 2023]

We wish to celebrate our first 20 years with you together with artists, collectors and friends. It has been twenty years since our first exhibition in our studio flat in Milan.

We were the first to believe that art needed a ‘new space’ to breathe in, wider and closer to people, a space to enable a dialogue with everyone, veering off from elitist places.

We started in Milan and landed in Ivrea setting up a cultural association which became a house-gallery also hosting immersive performances and artist residencies. Always keen to welcome and be close to our guests, our aim is to build bridges to cultivate real relationships, where beauty shows the invisible and where people feel at home.

We have long chosen quality and professionalism entrusting our performances to the likes of the ensemble S139, Matteo Mo and Mara Risitano: pioneers and founders of a new pedagogical acting method, art and life mentors.

Our first 20 years have certainly marked a milestone and set out a challenge for the years to come. We are grateful to Life as it has placed alongside us people, family members, artists, collectors, mentors and friends who have believed in our project since it started as a small seed 20 years ago.

Thank you to everyone who, even if just once, has passed by leaving their contribution.

Come join us as we celebrate!

Collective show Preview 7.12 at 6.00pminvite only.

Opening Saturday 10.12 at 6.00pm

We will end by starting the new year with a sublime performance called PINK POETRY with and by Mara Risitano, founder alongside her husband Matteo Mo of S129.

Saturday 21 Januaryat8.30pm, by appointment only (limited places) entrance 15€, OAH membership card 2023.

The Collective 20×20 artists and their artworks

Alessandro Lando, Amina Barosi, CateKa, Cinzia Marmifero, Claus, Dayana Fergemberger, Eugenio Guarini, Francesca Dondoglio, Francesca Sen, Francesca Tagè, Giacomo Montanaro, Giulia Balducci, Louise Abbiati, Luca Zurzolo, Luciano Caggianello, Matteo Mo, Silvia Papa, Tania Marino, Valeria Fondi.

Gallery Visiting Times :

Tuesday 2.30pm /7pm and Friday 2.30pm /7pm

Saturday 10.30am/12.30pm – 3pm/7pm

Special opening Sunday 11.12 e 18.12 from 4pm to 7pm

All other days by appointment only

(closed from 25 to 27.12 and from 31.12 to 9.01.23)

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