Tania Marino

Tania Marino, was born in Germany in 1980. She graduated from the State Art School of Treviso, and today lives and works in Cinto Cao Maggiore in the province of Venice.

Her artistic work is characterized by seriality and ‘agglomeration of matter combined with a surprising sense of color. Her artistic research is marked by cycles of series through which she experiments with materials, techniques, signs and colors in search of wonder. As she says, “a possible thing in an impossible world.”

Agglomerations– These are ink, enamel and acrylic drawings on paper. A series that wishes to make people reflect on the discomfort caused by the density of objects by which we are constantly surrounded. In this case, the artist draws by forming each chosen subject, thanks to an innumerable amount of small objects that fit into each other until they are completely saturated.

Suspensions– Material works made with paper applied on pins strung on upholstery. Paper suspended on pins, like suspended and dilated time that the artist manages to show through patient, methodical and meticulous work.

Universes, atolls, spores that fill the view to the point of being lost that the artist creates by gluing small hand-cut paper confetti and pasting it on the heads of pins pinned on colored fabric padding. These are works of great visual impact, between sculptural rendering and abstract pictorial quality, achieving a visible dynamic balance.

Boundaries – Drawings on paper made with soft pastels. In this series, Tania reproduces a single subject, the house, intentionally symbolic and repeated in a serial way, from which rivers of bright, almost fluorescent colors flow out This series, for the artist, is an invitation to get out of one’s comfort zone. He uses strong colors to mark the emotions, the fragility, the beauty that inhabits us and that can emerge, without fear, only if we can break down our “fortresses” and go beyond the boundaries of our certainties.

Female Nude – A series of drawings on paper composed of words and small drawings where the artist lays bare, through a free and transparent flow, of thoughts and words concatenated or interspersed with small drawn objects. A reference to what was visual poetry but in a personal key where Tania exposes herself to the point of undressing to allow, the viewer who will have patience, to read and look well to access the most intimate part of himself.


2022 – Artrise prize finalist – Openarthouse
2020 – Malamegilab competition finalist
2019 – Artrise Prize finalist – Openarthouse
2014 – Arte Laguna Prize, month-long residency in Nuremberg, Germany.
2014 – Art Prize finalist, Arte magazine, Cairo Editore.


2023 – April| Lucca Art Fair_ Suspensions_ Duo show with Matteo Mo

2022 – May | solo exhibition series Boundaries, at Open Art House, Ivrea

2022 – October | The Others Fair Torino_ Confini

2021 – group show ArtRise, at Open Art House, Ivrea

2020 – group exhibition Cael Gallery, Milan

2020 – group exhibition in Venice, Canareggio

2019 – group exhibition at ArtRise at Open Art House, Ivrea

2012 – group exhibition at Cà dei Carraresi, Treviso.

2014 – solo exhibition at Zentrifughe gallery, Nuremberg

2014 – solo exhibition at Castle of Almoshof, Nuremberg


2018 – creation of the cover of the book by Alessandra Brisotto ” not even God does it”
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