Astrid Fuchslocher H.

ASTRID FUCHSLOCHER H. (Santiago del Cile, 1985)

Is a Chilean and Italian artist and cultural manager.

Regarding her academic background, she has a degree in Art from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, has completed four diplomas, various international courses and in 2016 she was awarded with Merit the title of Master of Science in Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating, Criticism, University of Edinburgh thanks to the award of a scholarship from the Chilean government.

Likewise, she has worked as a cultural manager in four art galleries, in the Chilean-British Institute of Culture in Chile, in the ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership (University of Edinburgh, TATE and National Galleries of Scotland), in the 2016 Conference of the Association of Art Historians, in the FAVA Foundation at the Ivrea Unesco Visitor Centre and in various academic, research and social action instances. Furthermore, she currently works as a consultant in the Open Art House Cultural Association.

In parallel, she has been the curator of two exhibitions and was the curatorial assistant of the curator Pablo León de la Barra (curator of the FAVA Collection).

On the other hand, as a visual artist, she has had 5 individual exhibitions and has participated in more than fifteen collective exhibitions both in Chile and Italy.

ANALOG COLLAGES Works that are the result of an investigation around various themes such as death, nostalgia, the past, illusionism, feminism, freedom, the city, history, human life, changes, different realities, the passage of time, advertising, to name a few. This through the analog collage technique, a medium that in this case guarantees the creation of spaces saturated with images, signs and words to reflect the chaos, excess and overinformation of these ideas, opinions and questions. A search that begins with the collection of books, magazines anddiverse printed material and culminates with the representation of a comprehensive and personal vision of these various themes and problems.



Anemoia (2024, Spritz, Ivrea-Italy)

Collage Universe (2023, Santa Croce Church, Ivrea-Italy)

Metrópolis Recortada (2012, Providencia Tourist Information Center, Chile)

Collage Urbano (2012, Juventud Providencia, Chile)

Visions of the Urban Surroundings (2009, Los Dominicos Room, Las

Condes Cultural Corporation, Chile)


Women in the Gallery (2024, Open Art House, Ivrea-Italy)

Expo Casa (2023, Turin-Italy)

Artemida ArtWeek (2023, Milan-Italy)

Elementia (2014, Sebastián Café Art Space/ Mapocho Station, Chile)

Crash Test Dummies (2011, Audi Showroom, Chile)

Ayudarte (2010, Audi Showroom, Chile)

Etcétera (2010, B & B Bea’s House, Chile)

Art and bicycle (2009, Santiago metro, Chile)

Arts Fair I Providencia (2008, Chile)

Arte U.C Mouse tail (2008, Vilches Space, Chile)

Collective Passport | “In transit” (2008, Library of Santiago, Chile)

Fulano Zutano & Mengano Restaurant (2008, Chile)

Exhibition Park Museum II (2008, Chile)

Collective Passport | “Without Return” (2008, Elevator Gallery, Chile)

Arte U.C: “SCD dedicates to paint and sing” (2006, SCD Room, Chile)

Arte U.C: “In God we Trust” (2006, Campus San Joaquín, Chile)


2nd Place Critics’ Award and 3rd Place Public Award Artemida ArtWeek (2023, Italy)

Selected by the Grand Award of Artistic Press (2023, Italy)

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