Web&Com has chosen to support the Open Art House Cultural Association, founded by Monica Cremaschi in Milan and today based in Ivrea.

Open Art House hosts, produces and organizes cultural exhibitions and events with the aim to find, support and develop new Italian artists, helping them develop their own personal projects by becoming visible and by distributing their own works of art.

Since years, Web&Com recognizes and support every representation of culture as a decisive and fundamental driver for the Italian national economy, an inexhaustible wealth that can promote employment and development. For this reason, it has chosen to actively support the Association with specialized consultancy for the management of communication and online promotion, starting with the web site which stands out for its unique and personal visual style. Support for the Open Art House Cultural Association is part of the company’s wider Corporate Social Responsibility program, strongly linked to the territory. Web&Com is specialized in developing communication strategies and campaigns for the non-profit sector. Many third sector associations and religious bodies rely on them to disseminate projects, events and causes. It also received the “Welcome” recognition from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. It is an award dedicated to companies that, in Italy, are committed to promoting the integration processes of refugee people, integrating them into their work team. An active contribution to raise awareness and to convey a strong message of social solidarity, is done in the hope that by doing business in this way, new solidarity initiatives will develop, aimed at creating a wider and increasingly more collaborative network. And it is precisely from this perspective that, in addition to investing in its own business, Web&Com also manages to grasp the importance of its social role within the territory it operates in. With each partnership it evaluates the possibility to generate a scenario of creativity, of values and concepts via an ethical marketing path that connects the world of profit with non-profit.

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