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TAUMATART Locarno – April 2011 The experiment. Our first collective experience. The first time we met as a group of artists we had one clear goal: to work together on a theme suggested by a family of friends from Locarno for the inauguration of an ancient villa they had just taken over. The theme was “Healing from death”.

INTO THE F(L)AVOURThe second important endeavor we undertook as an artistic group was the first collective exhibition part of the Fuori Salone: a network of artistic events, promoted by the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

EXCEPT ONE| what nourishes us destroys us, except One – Fuori Salone 2012     Our first experience during the Salone del Mobile design week. A reflection on the real essence of Christianity. Our starting point was chapter 6 in John’s gospel, where Jesus explicitly declares that who eats the Bread of Life will live eternally and that salvation consists in participating in His life, through His word and His presence. The Into the F(l)avour exhibition was born with the participation of the whole group who developed the artworks and arranged the art exhibit location.

All the building materials located in the basement were placed in large piles, wrapped in orange construction nets and illuminated from the inside for the entire duration of the collective exhibition. We collaborated with a group of S139 performers (theatre art ensemble) in designing this event. They created a performative path on both the first and second floors of the theatre, where public participation took place at set times.

The focus of the exhibition was on spiritual nourishment in Italy, to shed a small light on what is currently happening. Except One was inaugurated during the week of the Salone del Mobile and the art collective was included in the prestigious guide of the Fuori Salone events, published by the magazine “Interni”.

CONNECTIONre-opening of Open Art House (OAH) 2013 Connection” was the collective exhibition which inaugurated the new OAH gallery space founded by Monica Cremaschi, showcasing works by artists promoted by two galleries: Open Art House and Shazar Gallery of Giuseppe Compare (gallerist and long-time friend of Monica’s with whom she organized the collective exhibition).

This exhibition was born with the desire to exchange showcasing spaces, whereby Neapolitan artists had the opportunity to exhibit at the house-gallery space in Ivrea and vice versa.

AGAINST FALSIFICATION Milano Fuori Salone , Sabaoth Theatre space, S.V.A. collective exhibition

IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD Milan, Sabaoth Theatre space, manifesto exhibition of the S.V.A. group ”Il linguaggio del Cielo”


SPRITUAL WORD [version #0 and #1] multisensorial installation presented at Open Art House and at the Fabbrica dell’Esperienza in Milan.

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