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Theme 2021





Today everythingis seems to be moraly letitimate, permissible but we known that not everything is beneficial or adavantageous. Separating the useful from the useless and discerning between what builds us up and what makes us sink into an abyss is fundamental! In a time where people are used and things are loved, the need to arises and make order asking questions. Is everything useful ?

Are we loving or using each other?

Are we willing to put aside what is useless? What is superfluous and what is the gain in leaving it?

It’s time to ask questions Who will be able to give us answers? Are we willing to listen? Are we willing to see?

“All thing are lawful, but not all things are beneficial or advantageous. All things are lawful, but not all things are costructive and edifying. Let no one seek his own good, but [also] that of the other person. BibleCode 1 Co 10.23_24


The winner will be named during the group exhibition formed by the ten finalists, chosen by the jury.

For the winner:

The winner of the ARTRISE prize will have the opportunity to expose his personal art project in OAH curated by Monica Cremaschi and her staff.
and see his own work included in the of the art line of Officinarkitettura.


The giury is composed of Monica Cremaschi, founder of OAH, Leonardo Porcelli architect, Valeria Fondi aouthor of manifesto of the SVA group,”Il linguaggio del Cielo”, Mara Risitano e Matteo Mo artists and founders of Ensamble S139 , Giorgio Buratti e Andrea Bernagozzi founders of Officinarkitettura, Giuseppe Compare gallery owner of Shazar Gallery in Naples, Marianna Foglia art collector, Livio Girivetto Mensio, artist and set designer.

How to participate

Registration fee is 25€ for the work of art that you want to register

1st STEP: REGISTRATION by 30 June 2021 no later than 00.00, SHIPPING OF MATERIAL using the form below.
To be sent: receipt of the registration fee, photo of the work (max 3 photos) + all the documentsrequested Payment : PayPal, Satispay or Bank transfer to OAH | Open Art House IBAN IT91 I060 9030 5400 0000 1001 080. IMPORTANT: we ask you to send ALL materials by attaching a SINGLE ZIP, (max 20MG). All pictures must be in JPG format with a maximum resolution of 72 dpi, making sure that they look good and not pixelated.
2 STEP: september communication of the 10 finalists who will participate in the group exhibition of November the 27th. We will publish the names of the finalists on our site, through the OAH social networks and we will send a communication by mail. By the 20th of september, for the catalog, the artists must send a color photo of the work and one of them, in black and white, in high resolution, to the secretary’s office
3 STEP: FROM 11 octoberTO7 november SHIPMENT of the finalists art work for the setting up . We must receive, in Open Art House, all the works by the 7th of november 2021. The candidate will be provide for the shipment to: Open Art House Via San Gaudenzio 10/b 0015 Ivrea Torino. The measurements of the work must not exceed 100 cm per side.
4 STEP: saturday27 november, award cerimony and verniceof the group exhibition of the ten ARTRISE finalists The presence of the finalists is required. In the exceptional case and fot anti Covid limitations, OAH will undertake, however, to carry on the group exhibition and the award ceremony at its headquarters, evaluating a live online.

Complete documentation to be sent

  • Receipt of registration fee
  • Signed regulation
  • Personal data as requested in the form and attach identity documents
  • One clear picture of the work, maximum in 3 different perspective views
  • Explanation text of the work plus measures, including frame or support used to display it, technique and description of how it responds to the theme.
  • Author picture in black and white

For more informatins and other needs write us to

Complete regulation

Announcement 2021


25 € payment Bank transfer to Open Art House
IBAN IT91 I060 9030 5400 0000 1001 080
27€ withPayPal
25€ with

Allegare la ricevuta nella documentazione.



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